Payment is required upfront, prior to the first day of service.

Full payment for all major holiday bookings is required 2 weeks prior to the first day of service. Holiday bookings include or are within 3 days of the following major holidays: Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. If a holiday booking is made with less than a 2 week notice, then immediate full payment is required with a credit card or bank transfer via our website.

Although tips are not expected, they are always appreciated. If you would like to tip your sitter, you can add the tip to your online payment or you may leave cash or a check along with a note designating the money as a tip on your countertop prior to your departure. However, please do not leave your invoice payment on the counter. The pet sitter will not collect payments.


Non-Holiday Cancellations
For early returns and cancellations of non-holiday service, a 24-hour notice is required or the client will be charged the rate of one visit. After cancellation fees, any remaining balance will be applied to future services. The balance will remain on the account for one year after the first scheduled date of the cancelled appointment. After one year, if the service credit has not been used, it will become unavailable for services and non-refundable.

Holiday Cancellations
A 7 day notice is required for any Holiday cancellations that include or are within 3 days of these following major holidays: Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. For holiday cancellations with less than a 7 day notice, 50% of the total invoice amount will be non-refundable. The other 50% of the invoice will be applied as a service credit for one year from the appointment start date. After one year, if the service credit has not been used, it will be unavailable for services and non-refundable.

Work Week Program Cancellations
All Work Week clients must give notice of cancellation by 6 pm on the day before service. This is necessary for scheduling of sitters and walkers. If a visit is cancelled after 6 pm, the visit charge will remain and no service credit will be given. Any unused gas surcharges will be credited toward the next invoice.

The client understands that all pets (where appropriate) must have a veterinarian. The client agrees to keep their pet(s) up to date with all vaccinations. Should a pet sitter be bitten or otherwise exposed to any disease or ailment received from the client’s animal which has not been properly vaccinated, it will be the client’s responsibility to pay all costs and damages incurred. It is recommended that copies of your pet’s vaccination records are left on the counter while you’re away.

In the event of an illness or injury to the client’s pet, the pet will be taken to the client’s specified veterinarian or to the Animal Emergency Clinic, PC, which has 24 hour service. The client understands and agrees that attempts will be made to contact them in case of any emergency, but if the client is unreachable, the pet sitter has permission to authorize any care that the treating veterinarian deems necessary for the pet’s health, safety and survival.
The client agrees to reimburse Woody’s Pet Watch for any additional fees and all costs relating to veterinarian care during their absence, which may include x-rays, blood work, surgery and/or expensive procedures, as well as an emergency medical transport fee.

Woody’s Pet Watch reserves the right to bill the client per half hour or any portion thereof, for additional time spent over a 30 minute visit that is necessary for the following, but not limited to: any veterinary trips, excessive clean-up resulting from pet incontinence, accidents or frequent vomiting, complications administering medications, obtaining pet food, medication or supplies, wait time for emergency vet treatment, home repair, or time taken to search for pets that escaped confinement. Client will be held responsible for all expenses incurred and will reimburse Woody’s Pet Watch upon return.

Two working keys to your home must be provided at the time of the initial consultation. If you live in a gated community, you must provide a gate card, remote or the needed access codes. Keys will not be mailed, hidden outside or locked in homes on the final visits. Should keys or locks malfunction, Woody’s Pet Watch has authorization to hire a locksmith to gain entry into a client’s home in order to complete service. The client will be responsible for all expenses incurred and will reimburse Woody’s Pet Watch upon return.
Keys will be kept secure by the pet sitter so they are always prepared to provide future services. All keys will be labeled with only the pet’s name for added security. If keys need to be picked up or returned, fees may apply.

Woody’s Pet Watch will not be responsible for your pet(s) or home if another service provider, contractor, friend or family member enters your property while we are not there. However, Woody’s Pet Watch advises you to have a responsible party listed as an emergency contact to take care of your pet(s) in the event of unforeseen circumstances or in the event of inclement weather or a natural disaster preventing your pet sitter from getting to your address on time or at all. It is best if your emergency contact is a neighbor or close relative so they can reach your home. Woody’s Pet Watch will not be responsible for pets or property in these circumstances.

The client is responsible for making arrangements for snow removal. Visits that pose a safety hazard to the pet sitter due to snow/ice covered driveways and/or walkways will not be completed. Client will be notified if this occurs. A visit charge will apply if we have attempted service.

In the event of injury, illness or other emergency circumstance where your pet sitter is unable to perform the visits, the client authorizes Woody’s Pet Watch to arrange for an authorized back-up sitter to take over the duties as outlined in this agreement.

Woody’s Pet Watch reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time before or during its term if the pet sitter determines that the client’s pet poses a danger to the health or safety of themselves or others. If concerns prohibit the pet sitter from caring for the pet, the client authorizes the pet to be placed in a kennel with all charges to be paid by the client.

Due to the extreme unpredictability of animals, Woody’s Pet Watch and pet sitters cannot be held responsible for any unusual mishaps (i.e., pet’s refusal to take medication, escaping from the yard, biting, eating or destroying household items, damage to the home, personal injury, accidental death of the pet).

If the client requests their pets have outside access via a dog door, the client releases Woody’s Pet Watch and pet sitters from all liability for loss, injury or death to pets or damage to any Third Parties.

All pets with electronic fences must wear their collars with fresh batteries. Woody’s Pet Watch is not responsible for any animals that get out of the electric fence perimeter or for any other animals that get inside of the electric fence perimeter.

All pets without a fenced yard must be walked on a leash, no exeptions.

Woody’s Pet Watch will not walk dogs that cannot be walked safely on a leash due to extreme pulling.

The client either provides pet photos or authorizes Woody’s Pet Watch to take photos for the pet’s profile and for the website. The client agrees that these pet photos are the property of Woody’s Pet Watch, LLC.

Woody’s Pet Watch agrees to provide the services stated in this agreement in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services, the client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against Woody’s Pet Watch except those arising from negligence or willful misconduct on the part of Woody’s Pet Watch or the pet sitters.