Our pet sitting service is the perfect solution for you and your pets! You’ll love the convenience and peace of mind knowing your pet’s diet and exercise routines remain constant and they’re safe and happy in their own home! No more imposition on friends, relatives or neighbors. No more guilt-ridden goodbyes and inconvenient trips to and from a kennel.

Prior to your first service, we’ll provide a Meet-n-Greet so you and your pets have a chance to meet your pet sitter and make sure you’re comfortable with the match! This also allows us to gather your instructions and learn your pet’s daily routine.

Omaha pet sitting service


30 Minute Visit
  $25 plus sales tax
One Hour Visit
  $45 plus sales tax
3 or more pets
  $5 additional charge

The visits will be spaced throughout the day based on your itinerary and your pet’s routine and needs. (E.g. Breakfast, Dinner and Bedtime)

A typical visit may involve cleaning a litterbox, walking your dog, playtime in the yard, brushing, feeding, administering medication and providing fresh water. We also bring in your mail, roll trash bins in and out, rotate lights, water plants, etc.

dog and cat

 We are NOT able to offer OVERNIGHT PET SITTING at this time.

The overnight stay is ONLY available to current clients who have scheduled an overnight stay at least once since April 1, 2021.

IF you are one of these qualifying clients, you may continue to request overnight stays in the future. However, be aware of our shortage and anticipate that you may need to have another plan. 


Omaha dog walker


30 Minute Visit
  $23 plus sales tax
3 or more pets
  $5 additional charge

Must schedule at least 3 out of 5 days per week, Mon-Fri, anytime between 10am – 2pm, with a commitment of at least 6 consecutive weeks. Visits include a private, on-leash walk within your neighborhood and/or playtime in the yard or house. We provide love and attention, fresh water, food (if necessary) and any other general care (e.g. administering medicine). This service is the perfect option for pets in need of daytime relief, affection and exercise while you’re at work! An exercised pet is a happy pet!

Omaha pet taxi


One Way Transport – $35
Round Trip Transport – $70

We provide non-emergency, door to door, pet taxi services for time-crunched individuals or those without transportation. (Round Trip Transports include up to a 30 minute wait time at the destination. Additional time will be charged $23 per half-hour.


  • Key Pick up/Delivery – $25
  • Key Duplication – $10 (or, you provide keys)
  • Late Reservation – $10
  • Food/Supply Run – $35 plus supply cost
  • Returned Check – $50
  • Gas Surcharge – Varies – may or may not apply